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Fine arts.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to physical objects that are that are meant to be perceived primarily through the sense of sight, are of high quality, requiring refined skill in creation, and typically using the media of painting, drawing, or sculpture. It may also refer to architecture and design. Although there is overlap, fine art is generally distinguished from other art forms based on the media, extent of skill, and the level of formal training required. It is distinct from "decorative arts" in that the fine arts are art in which the aesthetic or intellectual expression is more prominent than the utilitarian purpose. It is distinct from "crafts," which are handiworks of media such as ceramics, glass, needlework, or any medium other than painting, drawing, sculpture, or architecture. It is also distinct from "commercial art," which is created to serve commerce such as in advertisements or illustration. On the other hand, the term "fine arts" may be used in a broader sense, to include the arts of poetry, music, and filmmaking. (lcsh uses "Arts" which is not specific enough).

Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

Alice Halicka prints

Identifier: KA-0096
Scope and Content of Collection

Includes prints numbered 43 and 184 from an edition of 220 created by Alice Halicka. Depicts the Place de la Concorde in Paris, including the Luxor Obelisk and a detail from the Fontaine des Mers, consisting of a naiad holding a fish.

Dates: 1955

Arthur Segal woodcuts

Identifier: KA-0074-01

The collection consists of 68 prints out of a set of 70 from woodcuts created by Romanian-born painter Arthur Segal (1875-1944) between 1912 and 1919. The prints, from Segal's original blocks, were made on handmade paper by William Carter, and published by Richard Nathanson.

Dates: Woodcuts created 1912-1919; Printed 1972

Collection of prints by eighteen British artists of the 1960s and 1970s

Identifier: KA-0095-01

The collection consists of work by eighteen artists who worked in the printmaking medium in Great Britain in the 1960s and 70s. Includes work by David Annesley, Patrick Caulfield, Pierre Celice, Bernard Cohen, Elisabeth Frink, Patrick Heron, Gordon House, John Hoyland, Patrick Hughes, Liliane Lijn, Kim Lim, Kenneth Martin, Nicholas Monro, Tom Phillips, Patrick Procktor, William Scott, Colin Self, and William Turnbull.

Dates: 1966 - 1979

Etching in Six Panels by Edgar Levy, Adolph Gottlieb, Esther Gottlieb, Lucille Corcos, David Smith and Dorothy Dehner

Identifier: KA-0087-01

Three impressions from an edition of 100 prints produced in 1974 from a zinc-plate etching created in 1933. The etching is divided into six small panels in which each of the artists etched a portrait of another member of the group.

Dates: etched 1933, printed 1974

Parsons School of Design final projects for Time: Frame

Identifier: PC-02-07-01

This collection consists of nineteen volumes of an encyclopedia transformed into individual works of art by undergraduate students in Susan Leopold's Time: Frame course, offered through Parsons School of Design's School of Art, Media and Technology.

Dates: 2013

Raoul Dufy woodcut print

Identifier: KA-0083

French painter, printmaker and textile designer Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) created the woodcut for "La Danse" in 1910. This print was made in the year of his death as part of an edition of 220.

Dates: printed 1953; first printing 1910

Rico Lebrun lithographs for "Drawings for Dante's Inferno"

Identifier: KA-0092-01
Scope and Content of Collection

Four lithograph prints on Strathmore Cover by Rico Lebrun (1900-1964) for his book, Drawings for Dante's Inferno, Kanthos Press, 1963. 2000 copies of the book were printed, each containing four original lithographs. In his preface, Leonard Baskin, the book's designer, refers to Lebrun as "Goya's child."

Dates: 1963

Robert Rabinovitz design papers

Identifier: KA-0103-01

Collection documents designer, artist and Parsons School of Design teacher Robert Rabinovitz's projects from his undergraduate education at Philadelphia College of Art through his first New York collection, Spring + Crosby, and a series of poetry books produced in collaboration with students. Includes portfolios, plans and drawings, and book dummies, embodying various stages in the design process.

Dates: 1978-2015

Ronald G. Pisano project records for the William Merritt Chase catalogue raisonné

Identifier: KA-0010-01
Abstract These records consist of files compiled and produced during the more than thirty years of research and writing that culminated in the publication of the Complete Catalogue of Known and Documented Work by William Merritt Chase (1849–1916), published in four volumes by Yale University Press between 2006 and 2010. The project was started by Ronald G. Pisano (1948-2000) and completed by D. Frederick Baker and Carolyn Lane after Pisano's death. ...
Dates: 1896 - 2011; Majority of material found within 1975 - 2007